[Case Study] Disciple Media: Getting 5,000 sign-ups pre-launch

May 18, 2021

Hi, can you give me a quick overview of Disciple Media?

Since launching in 2016, Disciple has grown from an agency-model business building fan engagement apps for musicians into a global SaaS business. We enable brands and creators to build independent community platforms outside of social media noise. Disciple currently has over 200 thriving passion communities all around the world.

Why did you decide to run a referral program?

We were looking to launch our self-serve platform in March 2020 to open up our technology to an infinitely bigger potential market. We wanted to use ReferralHero to create buzz around the launch and get early adopters excited about the offering.

What were you looking for in a referral tool?

Ability to embed it to the Wordpress website, ability to build viral lists, integration with HubSpot. Ultimately we chose ReferralHero because it was very simple to use and had a very strong customer base.

How much time did it take to plan and execute your referral campaign?

It took around 2 weeks to launch the campaign, but the setup process was very simple and intuitive.

What was your prize/reward and how did you come to decide on this prize?

We offered our software for free for one year worth $5000.

What advice would you give to someone selecting a reward for their referral program?

Don’t be stingy! Offer something that your waiting list subscribers would actually want to get. Also, communicate the worth of your prize. Instead of saying ‘get one month free’ it is better to say ‘get one month free (worth £X)'

How did you promote the referral program to your users/customers?

We used our email list, social media and sites like ProductHunt.

What features did you like most about ReferralHero and why?

Built-in virality is a very powerful way to get early traction and feedback.

How happy are you with your ReferralHero results? What good things do they mean for your business?

We managed to grow a waiting list from a few hundred subscribers to nearly five thousand.

In a short sentence, what would you say to someone who is considering using ReferralHero?

The last thing you want is to launch a product and have no traction on day one. This is not only demoralizing but also significantly extends your learning cycle. With ReferralHero you can easily build an interactive, viral waiting list and get strong traction when you launch your product.


Thanks to Pavel for speaking with us today. To learn more about Diciple Media, visit their website.

Also, check out what ReferralHero can do for you.

If you’ve got a killer story to share on the ReferralHero blog, email support@referralhero.com

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