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In just 14 days, we help you build the same waitlist, contest, or referral program used to scale Airbnb, PayPal, DropBox, and 1000s of other software platforms.

What is ReferralHero?

ReferralHero enables your customers to share your product and get rewarded. Set up your ideal referral program and watch your product adoption grow exponentially.

Seamless Integration

Use our plug-and-play widgets or fully customize your own signup forms with our powerful APIs. Integrating ReferralHero with your marketing stack only takes a few minutes.

Viral Sharing

Let customers instantly share their referral link upon signing up or directly inside your emails at any time.

Create an Engaged Community

Keep your customers engaged with our leaderboard or milestones as they participate in your campaign.

Incentivized Rewards

Offer rewards that resonate with your customers. Easily issue a free month of service, a gift card, or $50 in account credits when a successful referral takes place.

Built Around Your User Journey

Rewards can be triggered on any unique event such as upon sign up or when the first payment is made.

Track Attribution Metrics

Wondering what % of your customers are generated through referrals, who are your top referring customers, or where they came from? Review every metric of your campaign with our detailed analytics dashboard.

Cutting Edge Cyber Security

Feel safe knowing your data is protected. Our advanced anti-fraud algorithm and multi-layer user verification will flag potential manipulators and ensure only real people are signing up to your campaign.

24/7 Technical Customer Support

Our plug-and-play widgets are easy to install but if you have questions, our technical customer support team will help you set up your ideal referral campaign. We are an extension of your team!

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Does ReferralHero Work?

Here are 2 (of many) success stories from our community.

Dollar Flight Club: Increased Conversion Rates to 13%

“We knew that for every 100 people who signed up to our newsletter from the referral campaign, we got roughly 13 new paying members.”

-Read Dollar Flight Clubs's Full Case Study

Dollar Flight Club passing 1 million people in their campaign.

ePesos: Doubled Loan Applications in 4 Weeks!

“ReferralHero’s knowledge base is very thorough and any time I opened a help ticket, I got support directly from the CEO. That was powerful for us.”

-Read ePesos's Full Case Study

ePesos received 39 loan applications for every additional 100 people referred.

What To Expect From ReferralHero?

ReferralHero is the go-to solution for launching or scaling your SaaS business.

Increased Customers

Focus on building a SaaS product people love and let ReferralHero supercharge your efforts by transforming your customers into brand ambassadors. 

Improved Conversion Rates & Lifetime Value

Watch your metrics improve as ReferralHero sends you high-value referrals.

Accelerated Growth Rate

Keep testing different growth tactics and let ReferralHero exponentially turn every customer into 2 more.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Continue to market your product as normal and let ReferralHero drive down your overall Customer Acquisition Cost and increase your marketing Return on Investment.

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