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In just 14 days, we help you build the same affiliate program used to launch and scale Shopify, Teachable, HubSpot, and 1000s of other businesses.

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ReferralHero powers some of the biggest companies on the planet 🌎

We drove traffic to the page and ReferralHero immediately multiplied our traffic by 45%. At the end of the campaign we got 2700 extra customers referred by our existing customers.

Vicky H.
Marketing Freelancer

ReferralHero allowed us to achieve 30% growth of new leads.

Vanessa Carmen Teo
Customer Support Manager, ipaymy

ReferralHero has doubled our loan applications in one month. 10/10 recommended.

Alex Martin
Business Development, ePesos

Everything you need to build, manage, and track an affiliate program to supercharge your growth engine 📈

✅ Onboard affiliates easily

✅ Easy payment management

✅ Detailed reporting & analytics

✅ Customize to your user or sales funnel

✅ Scale your affiliate growth engine on autopilot 🚗

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Offer a commission structure that drives sales 💰

Ignite advocacy into action! With over 14 unique reward structures at your fingertips, offering a % of transactions or $50 gift cards for each successful referral is on autopilot.

Offer rewards that resonate with your advocates and watch your campaign go from 0 to 60 in record time.

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Review every aspect of your campaign with our advanced analytics

Effortlessly monitor your affiliate's key performance indicators, including conversion rates, revenue, new customer acquisition, and lap times, all in one place.

Delve into every aspect of your campaign with our advanced analytics and reporting dashboards. Gain insightful data that helps you understand your reach and affiliate impact.

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Create an affiliate dashboard designed for your business 

It's all about cruise control here—our drag-and-drop builder lets you effortlessly design the ultimate user driving experience.

Build an affiliate dashboard that resonates with your brand identity and provides affiliates with essential data.

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Effortless payout management 💸 

You’re in the driver's seat! Automate your commission payouts based on your preferred schedule, or opt for manual review and approval to maintain full control before releasing payments.

Pay with your own accounting software, or use one of our 3rd party integrations for automatic payments.

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Track every step in your user journey or sales funnel

ReferralHero brings checkpoints to your conversion process, automatically tracking each turn event from the starting line to the finish line.

From new signups to active subscriptions, you decide what counts as a successful referral.

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Integrate ReferralHero seamlessly within your product ⚙️

Whether you prefer to use our Javascript API, REST API, or mobile SDKs, ReferralHero offers integration options for ‘souping up’ your product, enabling an effortless implementation of a customized, white-label solution.

Leverage our iOS and Android SDKs to track app downloads or conversions across platforms.

referralhero js api
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Enhance your sales & marketing stack with ReferralHero data

Seamlessly integrate ReferralHero with your sales & marketing 'growth-body shop' to empower your team with access to affiliate links or up-to-date earned commissions directly within your CRM.

Connect ReferralHero to Stripe, HubSpot, Salesforce, Intercom, Zoho, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Active Campaign, and 500+ other integrations within minutes.

Cutting Edge Fraud Detection ❌

Buckle up, your data's security is our top priority. With our sophisticated anti-fraud algorithms and comprehensive user verification process, we're on the lookout for any suspicious activity or poor driving behavior.

Only genuine referrals make it through the finish line, ensuring your campaign is accurate and crash-tested.

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