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In just 14 days, we help you build the same waitlist, contest, or referral program used to launch and scale Airbnb, Uber, PayPal, and 1000s of other businesses.


Create the perfect referral program for your brand

Our widget or your form

Use our widgets to get started immediately or integrate with your own form, the choice is yours.


If you decide to use our widget, you can easily customize copy and colours to match your site design.

Branded Experience

Unlike our competitors, we do not display "Powered by" backlinks all over your widget and emails. The experience is 100% branded with your brand.

Memorable referral links

ReferralHero is the only referral platform that allows you to give your users a memorable referral link that uses their first name (e.g: sarah24a).

Social sharing

Choose where your users will share their link and even customize the message for each of the 10 social media platforms we support.


You can translate all the text into any language you want. Yep, even 日本語


Powerful features to boost engagement

Automation emails

Automation emails are our built-in, behaviour-triggered automated emails to communicate with your users and keep them engaged. ReferralHero comes with 8x automations emails (the most in the industry) with more coming soon.


ReferralHero automatically segments your users into different groups based on their activity and engagement so you can target them with different incentives and messages.

Smart leaderboard

Our leaderboard adapts to each person by showing them where they could be if they invited only one more person. Now, that’s smart!

Manual review and confirmation of referrals

Enable Manual Review in one-click and confirm each referral manually (perfect for high-value conversions).

Coupon/access codes automated distribution

Create sophisticated referral programs with coupon or access codes and make sure each code is unique. You also control exactly when each code is sent.

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Because power is nothing without control

Identify top ambassadors

Easily identify the most active and engaged users. Then reach out to them and make them feel special!

Granular data

ReferralHero automatically tracks attribution channels, sources, sharing channels, even device used and location so you know what is working and what isn’t.

Individual analytics

See accurate and comprehensive data for each subscriber. Find out where they come from, who they have referred and when, which conversions are attributed to them and much more.

CSV exports

For the spreadsheet geek in you, export all data with our handy CSV export tool and go crazy!


Integrate with the apps you love

ReferralHero integrates perfectly with the tools you love, including over 500 external services such as Mailchimp, Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Wordpress, Hubspot, Slack and many more.

Infinitely flexible

Design custom referral programs

ReferralHero allows you to track custom referral events so that you can reward people who refer friends who complete a specific action, e.g: creates an account on your website, makes a purchase, schedules a call, etc.


  • "Get a free yearly subscription when 5 friends sign up to the PRO plan"
  • "Get a free entry to the concert when 3 friends purchase a ticket"
  • "Get $10 Amazon Gift card every time a friend downloads the app"


Cheaters gonna cheat, but we are always one step ahead

Anti-fraud algorithm

ReferralHero comes with an advanced anti-fraud algorithm that works for you 24/7, in real time. No set up needed.


Protect against bots with ReCaptcha technology. Just add your ReCaptcha key, we’ll do the rest.

SMS verification

For an extra layer of protection, you can even force your participiants to verify their phone number.


API, SDK, HTTP... we love all the acronyms

Javascript API

Create the perfect user experience with our powerful Javascript API.


Harness the power of ReferralHero with our reliable and scalable API. Build on top of a platform that already handles hundreds of thousands of referrals every month.

Web hooks

The perfect complement for our API but also an easy way to integrate with any third-party and receive data from ReferralHero in real-time.

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