Genuine word-of-mouth is the best marketing

ReferralHero is a powerful referral marketing platform that helps companies grow sustainably through personal recommendations.

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Growth Hacking is dead - Long live Sustainable Growth!

ReferralHero is a tool for long-term, sustainable growth based on genuine recommendations and personal connections.

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One platform. Endless opportunities.

Designed to be flexible and customizable.

Ambassador programs

Get more customers/leads with a traditional referral program where people refer their friends.

Get leads and brand awareness with an exciting giveaway where people compete with each other.
Pre-launch campaigns

Launch in style with an engaging pre-launch campaign where people recruit their friends on your behalf.

We absolutely loved ReferralHero. It was nice and easy to use without spending much time to figure out how everything works. We got over 300K emails in less than two weeks

Mila Valeva
Strategic Marketing, HolidayPirates

The beauty of ReferralHero is in its efficiency and cost-effectiveness: its fee pays itself over and over again as your email list keeps growing exponentially.

Andrew Khong
Founder, Sphere

ReferralHero gave us the flexibility to create a referral loop into our acquisition journey and this lead to rapid growth of our community. In the end we got over 600K subscribers.

Kiran Panesar
CTO, Current Media

ReferralHero is the perfect way to launch a new product. The viral effect really helped our email list take off - in the space of a couple of weeks we went from 0 to over 800 signups!"

Ed Moyse
Founder, If No Reply

ReferralHero is a dream and I have used it for clients and my own projects. The last campaign went from zero to over 4000 emails. Splendid!

Kobi Omenaka
Founder, FlixWatcher

We love ReferralHero. The virality of their solution increased sign-ups by more than 50% from day one.

James Wyman
Founder, Pillo

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