Maître Update #7: Addons enhanced & Widget improvements

October 16, 2016

The 7th update focuses on add-ons and general improvements of the widget.

You guys asked for more add-ons and here they are: 5 more engagement emails, Slack integration, Custom Branding and more.

5 more engagement emails

We have added 5 more engagement emails to make your campaign even more engaging!

  • Promoted email, to email the subscribers you promote
  • New referral email, to email subscribers when they refer a new person
  • “Top of the list” email, to email subscribers when they get to the top of the list
  • “Lost positions” email, to email subscribers when they lose positions in the list
  • “Gained positions” email, to email subscribers when they gain positions in the list

Slack integration

We have integrated one of the most powerful project management tools in the market : Slack.

By installing this addon you will get instant notifications directly to your own dedicated Slack Channel so all team members are updated at the same time.

Custom branding

Custom branding is a feature that has been requested for a long time so we are really excited to announce you can now enable it from the add-ons section.

By activating this addon you will remove the “Powered by Maître” footer from all emails, including Confirmation email and all Engagement emails, and add your own footer. In addition, the referral link created in the widget will have your own domain instead of

Improved email confirmation rate

Double opt-in is one of the evils of this business but one that we can’t avoid since it’s illegal to use emails without the identity verification of the owner. Sad but true, around 15-25% of your subscribers will never confirm their email address. This figure represents the global average drop-off rate for confirmation emails and at Maître we have seen similar numbers.

To help improve the drop-off rate we have implemented two countermeasures.
The first one is to re-send the confirmation email after 6 hours to those who haven’t confirmed their email address. We know that most people don’t immediately verify their email and then simply forget. In the 3 weeks we have been testing this new feature, we have noticed an increase of 5-10% emails verified.

The second countermeasure is to allow subscribers to re-send themselves the confirmation email. This is how it works: if they try to check their position in the list but haven’t verified their email address, rather than showing an error (as we used to do) we now display a nice message (which you can customize from the dashboard) and a link to re-send the email.

Facebook Messenger social icon

Facebook Messenger is used every month by over 1 Billion users, hence is very likely that your users are hanging out there. You can now enable FB Messenger from your Dashboard (under “Look & Feel” > “Socials”) and allow your subscribers to share natively on Messenger.

Unpromote/delete API endpoints

We have added two new endpoints to our API:

  • /unpromote, use it to bring subscribers in the promoted list back to the waiting list
  • /delete, use it to delete a subscriber from your list

Read the full API documentation here.

Custom copy

You guys have asked for a way to make every single piece of text in Maître customizable. Once again, we listened to you and made that happen

You can now change every line of text that appears in the widget, from buttons to error messages.
Head over to Look & Feel > Labels to change the text.

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