The Viral Sweepstake Tool For Your Startup

December 2, 2016

5-7 Years ago you would have had to spend a few thousand dollars in getting developers to build this tool. And today we are announcing an upgrade to our product offering by giving you the ReferralHero (previously Maître) Viral Sweepstake.

A Contest Sweepstake Tool with a twist…Those who refer someone when they enter the contest get an extra draw on the sweepstake. Something we coined…

A Viral Sweepstake.

Say what?!

Straight non-viral sweepstakes are 100% driven by your marketing efforts.

i.e you generate the traffic, they sign up and that’s it.

A viral sweepstake on the other hand, your sign-ups become your marketers. It’s like a Ponzi scheme on crack.

How and why is this powerful?

In traditional sweepstakes, your signups are cautious to share your contest because the more people sign up, the lower their chances to win.

In our sweepstake, on the other hand, people are incentivized to share because the more people they refer, the greater their chances of winning!

We basically turned the whole sweepstakes strategy on its head: now all of your entrants have a reason to share your product! (Sounds like going viral to me)

Let’s give you an example from a visitor’s perspective. If someone signs up to a contest on your website they get 1 draw; if they the refer 3 friends, the user gets an extra 3 draws; so in total has 4 draws (1 / referral they make).

In other words: the sign-up is 4X more likely to win a prize. Quids in for everyone.

Sounds cool, how do I create one?

Very simple.

  • Create the widget on ReferralHero (previously Maître)
  • Choose how many people can win
  • Put the code on your website and run the competition
  • When the competition is over, pick a winner (or number of winners)

Our software will randomly draw an email (or emails) out of the hat and produce a winner (or winners). The system will assign more chances of winning to the sign-ups who have referred more people.

If you are not happy with the results you can always click on “Pick winners again” and the system will pick new winners.

Reward Referrals

A straight sweepstake is great. You collect your 1,000 plus emails, run a competition, choose the winner, give your prize and you’re done.

But what if the entries were told… if they referred one more person they would X2 their chances of winning! Would you refer in their shoes? You can bet you would!

So you can quickly see how a 1,000 strong email list could become 1,500 – 2,000  – or beyond.

What’s the damage?

It is the same price as the Waiting List. In fact, when you choose to start your campaign, you just select which one you prefer.

We’d love to see how you use this tool so please be generous, shout about it, email us and tell your friends about it.

So please have a go…


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