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Who doesn't love a discount? Everyone does because we are hardwired to feel bad when we miss opportunities. Coupon codes can greatly improved your conversion rate, as long as you're doing the right things. In this article we see how you can use Maître's built-in viral coupon feature to increase sales. All you need to do is to upload your coupon codes and use a special merge tag in your emails.

Importing the coupon codes

Let's say you want to give away 10% discount codes when people sign up, and 50% discount codes to people who invite 5 friends. The first thing we need to do is to upload the coupon codes.

To do so you need to create a CSV file with one single column "code", which will contain the coupon codes. You can use a coupon codes generator website like Voucherify. Don't forget to import these coupon codes onto your platform (eg: Shopify, Eventbrite, etc). We recommend importing at least 1,000 codes.

Of course, each code must be unique. You can download an example CSV file here.

Coupons c795c75d747207a3398d2384a3aef5bb6a1aafd4f9366dd95d31d8de85a87310

Go to your campaign dashboard > Settings > Coupons and then click on the green button "New coupon group". On that page, give a name to this Coupon Group (we suggest something descriptive; eg: 10% OFF) and upload the CSV file.

Upload coupons 3fe73987158699115dd4981e1080daac9fda703ab6aa2388281ae0bb14fb0b47

After you click on "Upload", your coupons will be processed and imported. You will receive an email when the import is finished. Since we are going to give away two types of coupon codes (10% OFF and 50% OFF), we will also need to repeat the process for the 50% discount codes.

Sending the coupon codes

Let's send the 10% OFF coupon code to new sign ups. Go to your campaign dashboard > Automations > Welcome email. Switch on the option "Send coupon code" and from the dropdown choose the Coupon Group from which the coupon code will be picked (in our case the Coupon Group "10% OFF").

Send coupon code 9971ec0bcd45be08ca029073859f85e78c875ee37bc48ff9e7ac1a541c4df74b

The last thing we need to do is to use the merge tag %coupon% wherever we want the coupon code to appear in the email.

Coupon merge tag faaa296a87109832c532ee69448bbc9784fe3c27db5d0de209a0b238a585c8e2

Done. Now, when a person signs up onto your referral campaign, they will immediately receive a unique coupon code. When a coupon code is sent via email, it's removed from the list of available coupons. This effectively means that each coupon code can only be sent once. When there are 50 coupons left, we will send you an email so that you can import new codes.

Using the same exact instructions, you can set up a "Milestone email" and send a coupon code when subscribers hit 5 referrals. Don't forget to choose the right Coupon Group from the dropdown menu!

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