[Case Study] IFS: How to Launch an App with 38% Referral Growth

March 19, 2022

Can you give me a quick overview of your business?

Our mission is to make mental health (IFS Methodology) affordable and accessible to everyone. We have developed a mobile app that will help you create a safe space where you can stay present with your body by encouraging dialog between you and our customized audio guidance.

Why did you decide to run a referral/ambassador program?‍

We wanted to release our app batch by batch to various groups of users so that we could test and ensure quality when we finally released it to the public. Each batch got early access to test our beta app and they were able to provide feedback to us!  We sent the 1st batch to 100 users and the second to 250.

What were you looking for in a referral program?‍

Easy to implement and use.

Why did you choose ReferralHero and how much time did it take to set up your campaign? 

The product is smart, has great features, and has good UX. ReferralHero is simple to set up and it took roughly 2 weeks to plan and execute our campaign.

What was the user journey like for someone subscribing to your referral program?

1. We have 3,000 followers on Facebook and 11,000 followers on Instagram, so we first started making posts on there about the app and waiting list. We have done zero paid ad advertising.

2. People came to our website and were immediately prompted to opt-in to our waitlist.

3. From there people were shown the popup share screen which told them their current position, how many referrals they had and how to move up the waitlist!

4. As people signed up we sent out a welcome email and gave people their unique referral URL. We decided not to require email verification in order to gain more signups!

5. As friends were referred they also received a referral welcome email. We used the ReferralHero Winners Feature to reward the top 100 and 250 people who had the most referrals on the list. As those people were given ‘winner status’, they received an email notification from ReferralHero that instructed them how to get early access to our app!

P.S. You need to join the waitlist to gain access ;)

What was the goal of your campaign and why?‍

To let people know we are launching an app and that there is a waitlist for it.

How has ReferralHero helped you achieve your goal?‍

We did not have an estimation of the number of people who might want our product. We are in a very niche market with a new concept and a specific product. Using a Waitlist approach gave us some perspective on the demand for our product. As of right now, we have about 1400 people who have signed up with 38% being attributed to referrals! In the future, we might change or add other rewards, which may increase the referral rate. 

What is the most important aspect of running a successful referral program and why?

Treat people as people and let them know why you are building a waitlist and launching in this way.  We were trying to ensure the quality of our product so that we can provide a good experience for our community and not just build hype or an exclusive list.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about launching a referral program and using ReferralHero?

Always prioritize the best interest of your customers/community in mind. Be careful with the automated emails as they can come across as annoying if they are sent at the wrong time or too frequently. Treat people like people. Hugs :)


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Thanks to Zahra for speaking with us today. Visit IFS Guide to learn more about IFS.

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