Maître Update #8: Emails analytics, new layout and Active Campaign

December 14, 2016

It’s been a while since our last product update but we definitely haven’t been quiet this whole time!

This month we launched a new revamped version of our website, added a new integration, massively improved our email analytics and… released a new tool

Analytics for Engagement Emails

Engagement emails are cool, no doubt about it.
By enabling them, you can send action-driven emails to your subscribers when they perform specific actions and, most importantly, keep them engaged throughout the entire competition.

We have said many times how lists that use Engagement Emails see an increase in referral rate of 25-30% on average. However, it’s always been difficult to figure out the exact return of investment of these emails.

Not anymore.
Head over to the “Engagement Emails” tab of your widget dashboard. You will see a new blue button “Stats“. Click on it and enjoy in-depth analytics for each email, including open and click rates, unsubscribe rate and how many extra visits & subscribers that email has generated.

Stats for Engagement Emails are grouped together (a.k.a. you will see stats about all emails of the same type), but we made an exception for Custom emails. Since these emails are sent arbitrarily by you, we figured you wanted to see analytics for each custom email sent. And that’s exactly what we have done.

Last but not least, we have moved out Custom Emails to its own tab. These emails are a bit special, it made sense to give them their own space and importance.

Horizontal layout

This is probably one of the most requested features of Maître in 12 months.

By default Maître has a vertical layout, but it turns out lots of people prefer an horizontal layout because… well, it looks nicer.

In the past you had to hack the CSS and it was honestly a bit messy, but now all you have to do is go to the “Look & Feel” > “Templates” and select the horizontal layout. That’s it.

Best of all, if you are already using Maître you don’t have to change anything. It works with all templates and it gracefully degrades on mobile screens.

Active Campaign Integration

Integrations are one of our top priorities and every time we release a new one we are incredibly happy.

This time is Active Campaign‘s turn.

The integration is free for everybody. To connect your Active Campaign account follow these instructions.

A new tool to grow: Maître Viral Sweepstake

As we have said many times, we see Maître as not just one tool, but a platform with many tools. This is why we were particularly excited this month to release our second tool: Maître Viral Sweepstakes.

Without repeating ourselves, you can read the official post here.

Other features

  • Subscriber shares. Now when you click on a subscriber profile, you can see how many times they have shared their link, broken down by socials
  • Line support. If you are in Asia or your subscribers are mostly in Asia, you will find this interesting. We have added support to Line

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