Maître API: We've Launched our Private BETA

July 27, 2016

When we decided to create Maître, our vision was to create a platform that allowed any company to generate viral growth easily and organically.

We brainstormed a few ideas and we came up with a simple customizable, copy&paste widget that could be installed on any web page. That idea has worked out pretty well, but during these months we have received a tonne of emails about how we could make Maître more flexible.

More specifically, many of you wanted a way to implement Maître technology into their existing apps, especially native mobile ones (iOS & Android).

If there is one thing we love doing at Maître is listening to our users feedback. They are the bread and butter of everything we do so, after months spent talking with so many of them, we’ve created our API.

We’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes to produce an interface that will allow you the greatest flexibility, and give you the ability to innovate as much as your heart desires.

By using our APIs you can integrate Maître technology into your existing app, even Mobile Native ones, or create your own Widgets.

We’ve brainstormed with the team – these are some of the whacky ideas we’d love you to implement…

  • Festival / Event ticket referral system:  Refer 5 friends, get a free ticket
  • Dropbox-style referral programme
  • Mondo-style Native Mobile referrals: which grew to over 100K
  • E-commerce based Social Media referral mechanism: Successfully refer a purchase and receive a discount

The scope for innovation is huge and we’re excited to see what people come up with.

And all this is on top of our infrastructure, which is built to handle hundreds of thousands of sign-ups every day.

We’re currently in private BETA, so bear with us as we try to make this as robust as possible. We will also cherish your feedback. You can check out the Docs here.

If you wish to join the private BETA please email:

So go on – break it ;)

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