Maître Updates #4

June 26, 2016

This 4th update focuses on user engagement and analytics.
We have enriched our analytics with even more cool charts and data and added a feature requested for a long time.

Engagement emails

Engaging with your subscribers is crucial if you want to obtain massive virality. We live in a world of distractions and people need to be constantly reminded of your product. Our users have been asking for a long time for a way to engage with their subscribers and increase virality. Today we take a first important step in this direction with our “Welcome email“.

In a nutshell, is the ability to send a follow-up email to subscribers upon verification of their email address. A classic use would be to thank your subscribers for signing up and remind them to share their referral link. We have tested this feature internally for a few weeks and have noticed a tremendous increase in shares and engagement.

To enable Welcome email, go to your widget dashboard and click on the tab “Engagement emails“.


An example of Welcome email

In true Maître fashion, the Welcome Email is completely customizable. You can customize the subject, the FROM name and, of course, the body of the email. You can also use any of our 12 merge tags to personalize the email even further.


List of available merge tags

The plan is to add over the next few weeks several “engagement emails“, such as an email when a subscriber refers a friend, gets to the top of the list or loses positions.

Engagement emails are free during beta. We plan to charge for them when they are out of beta. Pricing is undetermined and we’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Advanced Subscribers Profile (ASP)

Knowing exactly who is signing up onto our list can be what makes or breaks your campaign. Being able to spot influencers and where your most valuable subscribers come from is very often  the difference between a mediocre campaign and a successful one.

ASP allows you to do this and even more.
Click on any subscriber in your list and you will see a detailed report about where this person comes from, how many people he/she has referred and where is he/she driving the most traffic.


Advanced Subscriber Profile

We are really excited with this feature. We truly believe in the power of personalized marketing and are sure that personal, one-to-one relationships will become increasingly critical to the success of viral Maître campaigns. This is only the beginning, though. Over time, we will expand this feature to include social media data (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc), purchasing behavior, industry, company, etc.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this!


Speaking of analytics, we have added a new section called “Devices” that shows… well, you guess it.


The new “Devices” section

In this section, you can see a nice breakdown of which devices your subscribers have used to sign up onto your list and the conversion rate for each device.

Use this data to figure out which device is working the most or to understand if you are losing leads from mobile devices.

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