The Ultimate Growth Hacking Tool

January 26, 2016

Today I’m proud to announce the official launch of Maître (now ReferralHero), the last growth hacking tool you’ll ever need.

What is Maître (ReferralHero)?

Imagine you’re launching your product/book/Kickstarter campaign or even an event. Imagine you have a tool that instantly and effortlessly makes your product viral. Hundreds of people talk about it on social media, competing to get to the top of your waiting list.

This is exactly what Maître offers out-of-the-box. No strings attached.

In a nutshell, it’s a smart waiting list that encourages people to share to get ahead in the queue.

When a person subscribes to the waiting list s/he is given a unique referral code that can share with his friends on social media or via email. For each person who subscribes through this code, the referrer gets ahead in the queue.

The idea is very simple: leverage on three powerful psychological drives — scarcity, curiosity and anticipation of the reward — in order to create an engaging and viral experience.

Best of all? It can be installed on any website and requires no coding skills whatsoever. It just works.

Who is Maître for?

Maître has been built to be very flexible and we already have dozens of different use cases, from startups launching a new product to event organizers who want to generate hype around their next event.

More in general, if you’re launching a new product/service, perhaps even a book or a Kickstarter campaign, Maître gives you everything you need to create a viral, engaging, addictive experience right out of the box.

Powerful & Customizable

Everything in Maître can be customized. You can use your own CSS to match your website’s look & feel, change the message for the social networks, and even use Maître’s callbacks to create your own logic.

We also wanted to make life easier for our users and therefore have created a MailChimp integration, a WordPress plugin plus other integrations on their way.

Do you like numbers? We’ve got a lot of that.
Maître comes with a complete analytics dashboard, so you can keep track of what's working.

How do I get one?

Just head to the website: and join the waiting list. For a limited period of time we are giving to the first 200 people in the list, every week, Maître for FREE. Just join the list and invite your friends, you can always get to the top of the list.

We hope Maître will help you succeed in your projects. We have been using it for our internal projects for weeks now with amazing results. Huge virality is not something only giants such as DropBox and Uber can achieve.

Now you can too. Think big.

PS: For any feedback or idea, just drop us a line at

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