Maître Update #6: Referral API 0.1

September 13, 2016

The 6th update focuses on our referral APIs. And you are going to love this.

We have added some new referral API endpoints, improved stability and performance so that our API gives you, even more, flexibility.

New Endpoints

We have listened to your amazing feedback and added a few helpful endpoints:


Use the /promote endpoint to promote a subscriber. When you promote a subscriber, they will go to a separate list and won’t count towards the ranking. Useful if you are running weekly or monthly contests. Read here for more information about the “Promoted list”.


Use the /promote_by_code endpoint to retrieve a subscriber’s info using their referral code.


Use the /promote_by_position endpoint to retrieve a subscriber’s info using their position in the list. Useful if you need to know who is ahead or behind a specific subscriber.

/update points

Use the /update_points endpoint to update a subscriber’s points. Useful if you want to do some marketing promotion and reward some people for specific actions. (eg: invite a friend on Saturday and get 5 points).

Points and referral_points

As you know, points are at the core of our referral system. By default we assign 1 point when a person signs up and 1 point for each person they refer. For example, Tom signs up (1 point) and refers 4 people. He has got 5 points.

Now you can assign an arbitrary number of points for signing up and for referrals, by using the optional parameters points and referral points. (Check the documentation)

Why would you want to do that?
A common use would be to give more points (say 5) to the first 100 people who sign up onto the list to incentivise early sign ups. Another use would be assigning more points to people who share on a specific channel (eg: Facebook).

Or by re-engaging old subscribers who have dropped off by offering them a limited time extra points referral points. e.g 5 points / referral for 48 hours…


Last but not least we have added logs to the dashboard. You can see the logs of the last 300 calls alongside with basic information.

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