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A referral program is the best and cheapest acquisition channel.
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ReferralHero has doubled our loan applications in one month. 10/10 recommended.

Alex Martin
Business Development, ePesos

With ReferralHero for every 100 people who sign up to our newsletter from the referral campaign, we get roughly 13 new customers.

Jesse Neugarten
Founder, Dollar Flight Club

We absolutely loved ReferralHero. We got over 300K emails in less than two weeks!

Mila Valeva
Strategic Marketing, HolidayPirates

How Dollar Flight Club's ambassador program  increased their number of customers by 13%.

How do you grow a business with 1 million users and keep your customer-acquisition-cost (CAC) low?

Like most digital businesses, Jesse Neugarten - Dollar Flight Club's founder - had already tried the "usual suspects", paid ads and content marketing, with discouraging results.

Paid ads, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, are difficult to set up correctly and tend get more expensive every year.

Content marketing requires you to create high-quality content and, even when it works, it takes a very long time to see the results.

A cheaper, more sustainable acquisition channel

Then Jesse noticed a simple fact: many of his customers were already spreading the word about The Dollar Flight Club and referring their friends through word-of-mouth.

Also those referred people tended to be better customers than the ones acquired through other channels. They tended to cost much less to acquire. They tended to stick around for longer. They tended to become themselves ambassadors and refer their friends.

That's when Jesse realised the power of referral marketing to grow a business. Why keep investing in inefficient marketing channels when there's one that is much cheaper and far more effective?

So Jesse used ReferralHero to set up a simple ambassador program for his business and in just a few months it had increased The Dollar Flight Club's number of customers by 13%.

What would a 13% lift in customers mean for your business?

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